Monday, 27 June 2011

I ♥ Hello Ghost

I watched it last night, bet my eyes were still swollen like cherry tomatoes. Wonder why? Try watching it, alone or with your whole family. Cha Tae Yang

Cha Tae-Hyun, you bastard! you made my eyes incredibly swollen till morning, good thing I had no appointments outside or else anyone who sees me will assume that I got ditched by my imaginary boyfriend. Nah..just kidding, I love Cha Tae Hyun, he never fails to make me laugh and cry even at the middle of the night. I watched Hello Ghost until 3 in the morning yesterday and even though my internet connection gets my blood pressure high, I remained patient. Perhaps I have this high hopes that at the end of the story, the film will please me like always.

The story focused with a young orphaned bachelor  who is suffering of extreme depression. To end up his misery, he opted for suicidal means like over dosing himself with drugs and jumping off the river. Fortunately, he fails every time. However, his near to death experiences opened his third eye so he was able to see dead people. Unfortunately, he was stalked by four ghost which for them to get lost, Sang-Man (Cha Tae-Hyun )has to fulfill their unfinished businesses by letting the ghost use his body. Even though Sang-Man feels that the mission is too bothersome, he seems to feel hHello_Ghostappy about it ‘cause he’s been alone for quite a while.

I haven’t watched such a satisfying movie for a while. Since I have read about Hello Ghost on Dramabeans with Cha Tae Hyun as the lead role, I long anticipated for it. After Speedy Scandal, Sassy Girl, My Girl and I, I’ve been a solid fan of this not-so-handsome-but-hilarious-actor (that’s my first impression of him).

Although, I really enjoyed the movie I already felt some clues on how the story will end given that Sang-man grew up in an orphanage. Though in the end, I still ended up crying like a mad lady. The film really went straight from the heart (I guess to my heart) that’s why it made a really big impact on me. I hate how family centered genre weakens me every time.

Just a trivia, Hello Ghost is so awesome that it was noticed by an American Film director and it is a work in the process. How cool is that?

100 Days To Heaven

While I’m writing this post, I’m actually watching this awesome Philippine TV series titled “100 Days to Heaven”. I wish I can make episode recaps but too bad I wasn’t able to watch it from the start and poor internet connection kills me every time I try watching it.

I’m really proud that ABS-CBN finally made an awesome TV show like this cause somewhere somehow I’ve lost my appetite to watch Filipino primetime programs long ago. I don’t even remember the last Filipino program I’ve watched! Therefore, when this interesting drama came up, I felt the excitement again every time the clock strikes quarter to eight.

100 Days To Heaven is a story of a  successful yet arrogant businesswoman who met a sudden death. In order to save herself from the being thrown in hell, she must comeback to life as a small girl and look for the people she have sinned to fix the damage she has done in their lives (without her knowing).

100 days to heaven

It might be too early to say but I’m really astound with how the characters indulge themselves with their roles. Most especially the kid who plays the small Ana Manalastas- Xyrile Manabat. I’m not a Kapamilya fan nor Kapuso and Kapatid so, I wasn’t able to watch Xyrile with her previous shows but with her portrayal of this role, I can tell that I’m one of her huge list of fans already.

Honestly, when I saw the trailer on TV I was watching 49 Days at that time. So I assumed that 100 days is another copy cat Korean drama. Now, I must admit I was wrong because this awesome drama was way ahead 49 Days. There were lots of lessons in these tv series. Well, in fact every episode offers good values and lessons. It is simply perfect for the whole family.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hotaru Madness

I found this Japanese drama after I got tired watching Korean dramas non-stop. Not that I swear I’m not gonna watch another Korean drama again but I think I just need variety. Thus, good thing I did because I discover this entertaining Japanese drama entitled Hotaru no Hikari. So, let me play with the words as I describe the three main leads and my thoughts about them and their personalities.

Hotaru Amemiya at Home
Innocent, cute, adorable, pure and efficient office woman that’s how I see Amemiya Hotaru— the heroine in this quirky Japanese drama played by a very talented actress Ayase Haruka. Amemiya was described as a “himono-ona” which imply to a woman who do good at work but prefers to laze around at home after office hours instead of looking for love. She fell in love with Teshima, her officemate from London. But she struggles to show her true feelings to Teshima because she is ashamed to show her real normal self at home aggravated by her long vacation from having intimate relationships. Good thing she was cheered and counseled by Seiichi Takano who happens to be her boss and accidental housemate. So, she ends up confessing with Teshima after being trap in the conference room a couple of times and experienced the joy of falling in and out of love all over again.

Hotaru Amemiya at Office
I really felt bad for what happen to Amemiya in the story. I can definitely feel her pain. Her love for Teshima was real and pure too bad she wasn’t able to get through the awkwardness and her insecurities. I wish she was able to show her real side without being afraid of rejection. Yes, she did tell Teshima some of her weird habits but it wasn’t enough to make the relationship work. For me, a more mature man suits her best, though I really shipped for Hotaru-Teshima love affair.

Seiichi Takano aka Boucho
Straight forward, sensitive, supportive with high-level of maturity, these describe the main male lead in the story, Seichi Takano aka “Bochou/Manager”. His wife left him for another man so he suddenly had an urge to go back in his parents’ house and self introspect. He was extremely surprised to find out that someone is squatting in the house who happens to be Amemiya—one of his subordinate at the design team. They had a very interesting relationship not seeing each other as man or woman but just boss and subordinate. They had an honest and frank relationship which became the center of jealousy of Teshima.

I admire the maturity of the male lead (bochou), probably brought by age, experience and his current situation that he didn’t overtly compete with Teshima even though he knows deep inside that he has already something for Amemiya. I adore how he supported Amemiya all through out to win Teshima. In this drama, I really didn’t feel that he was suited as a lover but just as a BIG brother, teacher, matchmaker and counselor. But I still like the confession in the end; maybe I was not just expecting too much because I’m fully satisfied with their chemistry from the start.

Immature with trust issues but when he expresses his affection to his girl, I suddenly feel gigglish like a teenager— Makoto Teshima. He is a returning employee from London and he was infatuated by Hotaru— assuming that she was a mature woman. Their love story started when he kissed Amemiya while she was sleeping in the chair which Teshima designed. From then on, his heart was captured by Hotaru although his feeling didn’t grow into a full bloom unconditional love.

Makoto Teshima
My bias mind tells me not to write about him because I hate how he gave up his love for Amemiya when I already fell in love with both of them (sigh). INSECURITY, I think this maybe the main reason why he ended up empty handed. He always points out how comfortable Hotaru with the manager when all Amemiya thinks of is him. In fairness to Amemiys she really did love Teshima, although she wasn’t able to get to the level of comfort similar with her relationship with the manager. But to think of it, it took time before Hotaru and the Manager got along. I wish Teshima is mature enough to know the “takes time” thing. Anyways, I believe Teshima was a fan of the overly used quote, “When you love someone, set them FREE” but his act for me only shows his insecurity towards Hotaru’s relationship with the Manager. Yet, I’ll still give him credit for the move because it isn’t easy to let go of someone you really love (?).


I enjoyed this Japanese drama a lot. The story is simple and light but it entertains you so much. It is something that will make you smile unconsciously and even laugh hilariously. I’ll give this Japanese drama 9.8/10

Monday, 13 June 2011

It has started

Finally, I started to make things happen. 

I've always thought I should have a blog or something where I can share my thought over a film, drama, tv program or any videos that  I watched. I often remind myself that "well done is better than well said" (on my part well thought off cause I don't usually mention  my plans) but I always fail with the "done" part. But anyways, I'm done with the long thinking and I official wrote something (well at least my first note) on this blog.

I don't expect that someone will read this crappy blog but expect that I'll try my best to share something of worth.

(I'm actually watching Hotaru no Hikari right now, so would you please excuse me. It would be one of the topic of my post in the near future.)