Monday, 16 July 2012

Poor Man, Rich Woman: First Impressions

I never thought that this drama will make me suffer from the agony of waiting..waiting for the next darn episode. Urgh. I knew I should have watched the drama after it was completed. 

I was suppose to run "Big" instead of this, but for some reason I'm getting tired of waiting when will the big switch happen. I'm getting goosebumps with all the cheesy scenes and immature moments in there. I need a break.

So I took a shot on this new drama with only one episode aired. 

Rich Man, Poor Woman. The title actually speaks for itself. The plot was pretty common but what made me love it are the characters. I never proclaimed myself as an official Oguri Shun fan before though I adore him on Hana Kimi and Gokusen. But I guess I'm gonna be one soon. So he plays the main male lead on this drama. He is describe as a wealthy, eccentric, charismatic, cool with a some sort of difficulty remembering names and faces thing illness. Anyways he is bachelor. He's a Mark Zuckerberg-like of character (which is so 2012-ish...nice). On one hand, this the first time I've seen the female lead in action, Ishihara Satomi. Although I don't know her well yet, I'm starting to like her cause she is so natural, beautiful and adorable. She plays as a smart, clumsy, low self esteem, rebellious as per mood newly graduate and an unfortunate job hunter from Tokyo University. She has a very interesting character, I'm excited to learn more about her.

The first episode kicks off and they had a very nice start. There are sayings that it was patterned from Kdramas, well I sense some Kdrama vibes but not totally. I love how things are mixed up and the flavor is just fine. First episode makes you crave for more. God! I can't wait!

So, excuse me, I got to rewatch the first episode cause I can't get enough of this Jdrama. tatah