Friday, 1 July 2011

My Amnesia Girl (2010)


my amnesia girl (2010)

Next stop, My Amnesia Girl (2010).  I was really planning to watch it on the big screen but I missed it.

Well, I got few good reasons why I really want to see it before anyone else: (1) Tony Gonzaga, I really admire this girl’s humor and natural charms; (2) John Loyd, honestly, I’m not really into his looks unlike everyone else but I really like his humor and attitude; (3) the story plot sounds interesting, although the movie title says it all.

Anyways, thank you Youtube (sorry no eng subs)for letting me watch this movie.

I knew it. The movie is overflowing with HUMOR and cuteness. I can’t help but smirk (cause I still can’t accept this happening) with all those cheesy pick up lines and all. I never expected such chemistry between the two but those awesome actors pulled it off with too much skinship!!!! rawr.

From 99% skinship and sweetness, it went down to 0 at the second half of the story when Irene pretended to have an amnesia to get back to Apollo for running away from their wedding. She was really rude but I feel sympathy for her.

Eventually, things got sweeter again when Irene fell for Apollo the second time around. God! who would have insisted such a sweet guy. All the antics and cheesy stuffs, grrr. How can there be only few guys who can do such corny but heartwarming stuffs. By the way, the two ended up with  a marriage proposal again.

Unfortunately, the conflict arose once more when the two struggle to tell the truth about their own lies. Finally, when the moment has come, Apollo had received the biggest blow. He didn’t expect such revelation from Irene (that she just made the amnesia thing). Apparently, the two had overcome their troubles but they didn’t know that biggest challenge with their relationship is yet to come.

That’s why people!!! please calm down when you feel extreme excitement especially when on the road or else you’ll blow out the whole thing. Apollo met a car accident after he had reconciled with Irene via phone call. He might have been oh sO excited that he forgotten he’s on the wheels. Good thing the writers didn’t kill him. Aside from minor cuts and wounds, he just lost his MEMORY. Oh no.

I swear I hate my brother for telling me in advance that twist. I wasn’t to able to enjoy the amnesia moment or I guess it wasn’t presented well enough(?). So, to make the things short, I’ll just pull out what Apollo’s father said to Irene:

Amnesia only takes the memory of the head not the heart 

Finally, Apollo asked Irene, “Do you believe with love at first sight?”. Know we know that Apollo has this spark for Irene. Even though we didn’t see them got married we know that they will get there soon provided that they still feel the same way minus all Apollo’s memory.

The film ended with a scene overflowing with cheesy pick up lines that will make you subconsciously smile; and too much skinship that will can make go rawr because of jealousy.

Final verdict: 8.5/10