Thursday, 18 August 2011

Zenkai Girl 2011 (Full Throttle Girl)

 zenkai girl poster

I found this drama out of boredom at After getting hooked with Kdramas for quite a while, I decided to take a break and give Jdramas a chance to entertain me. As expected Jdramas have this unique flavor which I similarly get from mangas and anime— it isn’t hard to fall for it.

I have few Jdramas that I follow now (Ouran High School & Ikemen Desune) and I never followed so many dramas at the same time. The best one that I watch  now is of course the title of this post— Zenkai Girl.

Zenkai Girl is about this ambitious fresh graduate lawyer in search for her RIGHTFUL place in the corporate world. And when I say rightful place that means ON-TOP. She has this super high standards when it comes to her life partner and she is determined to work hard to achieve a big name and status not only in Japan but in the world  entirely.

Well, in her case, I must admit she has the right to ask that, considering that she is a very bright and talented lawyer. She was a pretty responsible kid or I must say INDEPENDENT back on her childhood days (and it will make you adore her). Also, this fictional character is the top graduate of her class. FYI a graduate from Tokyo University, only. She has her ways in doing things, and even if she doesn’t know how to do it, it isn’t an excuse not to get it done. Can I say she’s perfect???

No, she isn’t perfect, cause she is pretty much naive when it comes to love and kids (and cooking..and fashion). She might be your ideal office worker but outside that, think twice, nah..thrice. Just as expected from an academic person, she based everything from logic and scientific explanations. So when she was assigned as babysitter by her new big time corporate lawyer boss— as a stepping stone from being an official lawyer, she struggles.

zenkai girl

On her new career as Hinata’s babysitter, her boss’ 5-year old daughter, she met this kind and warm hearted SHD (stay home dad)—Sota. From Wakaba’s point of view, Sota is the opposite of everything she is wanting from a guy. He disgust her. She even mistakenly accused him of being a pervert. They are definitely opposite (?). 

zenkai girl3

However, due to given circumstances, or should I say fate.  Our idealistic lawyer—Wakaba  and our easy going stay home dad—Sota are opt to see each other often and eventually, will get close.

zenkai girl kiss scene

From this time being, I already watched the 6th episode and I’m totally loving it!

This drama is wake up call for those ambitious and idealistic girl (ouch!) out there. Zenkai Girl will show you the other side of the world which haven’t considered.