Thursday, 29 September 2011

Code Blue Season 2: The end of the internship

[09/13/11 12:54 am] I’m literally watching the first episode of Code Blue Season 2 and I must say, they are making things more exciting and level up big time. The scene with the open cardiac massage while the kid was on the tub was sO rawr! I can’t describe it. Need sometime to breath and think.

code blue season 2

The medical suspense continues with Code Blue Season 2. It’s been over a year and 3 months since our four interns started their trainings as flight doctors. Two months more and they are going to graduate from the program. Now here’s the catch, who’s going to last and be the official flight doctors?

In this season they kept the original crew and characters except from Dr. Kuroda (but he’ll come back and will have some short appearance on few last episodes) who was replaced by  Dr. Tachibana. He is a former intern from Shohoku Medical Center and is the ex-husband of Dr. Mitsui. He was assigned by the Hospital Director to evaluate the interns’ performance to know who are qualified to flight doctors. In short, he’s the one to impress.

Like the first season, there was no establish love line though I really thought Gakki and Yamapi will make it after the drunk scene. Those doctors are terribly focus on their career. Well, at least the absence of complicated love affairs brought justice to the main theme of the drama which is lifesaving. This reminds me a little of Dream High.

I think this season is better than the last one. Aside from tackling serious medical conditions, they also reached most of the sensitive ethical issues that involves in the field. Not to mention, digging deeper on every doctors’ personal lives.

I think there were no episode in this season that stopped me from shedding my precious tears. Death and one person’s battle with it is a theme that makes one heart feel terribly sad. I can only hope that they won’t stop with season 2. Funny how I hurriedly Google Code Blue Season 3 as soon as I watched the last few seconds of the last episode of season 2. For some reason, I feel the high possibility of making a new season since all four doctors are still in Shohoku Hospital.

I can only hope for the best.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Koizora “Sky of Love” 2007

I watched this film because I miss Zenkai Girl. Boy, I miss some Pillbug and Evil woman chemistry.  My bad there isn’t Ryo and Gakki past movie (?). I wish they'll make one like Zenkai Girl the movie?! That’s just my suggestion. Too much for the wining—I ended up re-watching Koizora “Sky of Love” to see at least Gakky in action.

Koizora Sky of Love Poster
Koizon "Sky of Love" with Gakki and Haruma
The film is about 2 senior high students who went through a tragic fate of love. There is this girl named Mika- a pretty and timid girl and Hiro- a typical gangsta type boy in high school. It started when Mika (Gakky) lost her phone and Hiro (Haruma) found it. From  then on, Hiro  started calling Mika everyday during their summer vacation to know more of Mika.

When the school started they met up and Mika was disappointed to see a guy with bleach hair and piercing. Nonetheless, fate made them closer and apparently became lovers. Mika got pregnant but she lost it courtesy of Saki— Hiro’s ex. Despite the tragic incidence they made a promise that they’ll get to visit  their unborn kid every 24th of December.

Unfortunately, right after the incident Hiro turned cold and he dodges Mika’s phone calls. He broke up with her without giving a good explanation until they graduated from high school. Without knowing that Hiro is suffering from cancer, Mika tried hard to move on. I guess first love is really hard to forget so it took time before Mika started meeting other guys again.

Years had passed and the only thing that makes the ex-lovers connected was their unborn kid. Mika visited her baby and accidentally bump with Hiro’s friend. He was the one who disclosed Hiro’s condition to Mika. Mika went to the hospital just to find Hiro in a very debilitating condition. They both cried hard and confessed their feelings they had through the years.

They were only given short period to catch up since Hiro’s condition was at peak. In the end Hiro died of cancer and Mika was left with both painful and great memories with her loved one.

While he’s still alive, Hiro wished that he wants to be the sky when he dies. Mika tries to remember him that way, as the blue sky above always looking after her.

I cried my heart out when I watched this film the first time. It’s terribly sad when two lovers are separated by death. I mean you can’t do anything about it. Damn cancer for killing a lot of people.

Haruma as Hiro l Koizora Sky of Love
PS. Isn’t he HOT?!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Code Blue: Must watch drama for new doctors and nurses

I still haven't practiced it well but I'm a nurse. Naturally, medical dramas are  magnets to me. I’ve been a fan of House M.D. for quite a long time until I got tired with all their dramas overpowering my real interest. Anyways, the moment I learned that Jdrama world has this awesome medical drama, I jumped in and see if it's true.

Code Blue, apparently the title speaks of itself. Emergencies, critical situations, and life saving tasks..hmm..I already got high expectation with this drama.

code blue poster

Code Blue is about the story of 4 medical interns who are aspiring to be flight doctors with the infamous Doctor Heli—an medical transporter that gets to the site of the incident fast. We have Aisawa—hard working, cold, and passionate intern who has this great desire to be ahead of others. Next is Shiraishi, play-safe gal, hesitates often and academically intelligent intern.  Then, Hiyama, bold and  a competitive intern. Finally, Fujikawa, considered to be the weakest when it comes to skill and knowledge but he seems to have a positive attitude.They are joined by highly efficient hospital seniors who guided them along the way. They Dr.Kuroda, a very strict and highly-skilled flight doctor; Dr. Mitsui, a supportive and approachable senior, Dr. Morimoto, he has the most humor and of course, the Director of at the Medical Center who acted like an advocate to the interns.

There were no obvious love lines in this drama but for some reason I feel that Aisawa has something for Shiraishi; and nurse Saejima has something for Aisawa and Fujikawa (?). Nonetheless, the absence of the love lines made the story focused with the medical situations and struggles of the interns more—which I think is sensible enough because this is primarily a medical drama.

For someone who wants to learn, I think this show is worth watching. The cases weren’t as mysterious as those with House M.D. but you can definitely learn valuable things especially about emergency care and management. So much for the embarrassment but this drama motivated me to read and learn again. From then, I was able to relate with what they are talking about. I wish I can get hold of the habit…forever.

I enjoyed the first season and I’m off to watch the second. I read good reviews about it and I’m excited to learn more. My only wish is that, they will make another season. I’m starting to feel down knowing that this would be the last time I’ll see those interns.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Girls Cross-Dress to Guys Drama Mania

I must admit, I’m a bit magnetize with girls cross-dress to guys drama genre. To mention some, once upon a time I was so in love with Coffee Prince, Queen Seon Duk, Sukyuwan Scandal, You’re Beautiful and Hana Kimi (original version). Not to mention my favorite Disney Princess is Mulan, lol— major revelation!
I guess I’m not alone since these dramas ended up becoming a major hit in their own respective period. There is something within the genre that attracts a lot of viewers, especially, girls I guess.

Anyone is free to oppose but I think the most exciting part with this kind of story is the pretension phase— where the girl is trying awfully hard to act as a guy so not to get caught. Then, as the story progresses, the closest guy will tend to fall for the girl-pretending-be-a-boy heroine and in the end, they will fall for each other. Then, there’s your happy ending. Quite simple plot, but the execution will basically make or break the whole story.

Speaking of sort-of-tomboyish type of drama, I’m watching a couple of them right now, namely, Ouran High School Host Club, Ikemen Desune, and My Binondo Girl. 


First, Ouran High School Host Club was taken from the anime with the same title. I never got the chance to watch the anime version and I chose not to, cause it will just spoil my expectations like what happen to Nodame Cantabile 3 (which they compressed to a 2 hour movie ). To give you a brief overview, this story revolves within an elite school’s host club and a smart commoner, named Haruhi . One day, Haruhi, the heroine is looking for a place to study when she accidentally went inside the host club’s headquarter. On the way out, she knocked down an eight million worth of vase so she acquired an instant debt to the host club. Since she has no way to pay it in cash, she has to be a host instead. At first, no one noticed that she was a girl but it was earlier revealed. Episode by episode, every host is starting to show their interest towards Haruhi. I can’t blame them, cause she is really likable. 

What I like about this drama? It’s Haruhi’s character. She is a calm non-exaggerated girl. I kind a like her flat affect personality. She’s mature compare to the other characters especially the handsome hosts. 

ikemen desu ne poster

Next is Ikemen Desu ne. This is the Japanese version of the hit Korean Drama “You’re Beautiful”. Like the common stigma with remakes, this jdrama received a couple of hate and comparison from the earlier version. In the long run, I think most of the viewers are realizing the individuality of each dramas and some ate their nasty words. 

The story is about a young sister wannabe who ended up being a member of the very popular iconic boy group Anjell as temporary replacement to her twin brother who happens to be recuperating from a surgery (woah that’s long). She pretended to be a guy but she was busted early by Ren, the lead male. Ren threatened her to expose the truth but she managed to make him understand her situation and so he gave her a chance.

This Japanese version made some additions to the original story, like the orphanage concert which is nice. Also, is it me or Mio looks like Park Shin Hye??? I think she is portraying the role quite well  and I like her male fashion sense.

my binondo girl poster

Last is My Binondo Girl. FYI: Binondo is also known as China Town in the Philippines. It started with Jade’s Filipina Mother and Chinese Father separated when Jade was young. Her mother decided to go back to the Philippines and lived with her grandmother. Years after, Chen Sy, Jade’s father went back to the Philippines from China to look for his son, Yuan—Jade’s younger brother. Chen Sy was not aware that Yuan died young and Jade’s mom didn’t care to inform him. And that’s where Jade got the idea to cross dress in order to  get close and be acknowledged by his father. 

I was really happy that ABS-CBN is trying to take risk with the kind of drama they are making these days. I’m not a fan of Kim Chiu, in fact I underrated her because of her body stature. On one hand, like I said, I like this type of drama and so far the story is getting interesting. Not to mention, I anticipate the Kim Chui’s connection with Xian Lim and Mateo Gudecelli.

There you go, those are some of my addictions these days, plus Zenkai Girl. I was watching Protect the Boss but it seems like it’s overrated so I dropped it halfway.