Monday, 12 September 2011

Code Blue: Must watch drama for new doctors and nurses

I still haven't practiced it well but I'm a nurse. Naturally, medical dramas are  magnets to me. I’ve been a fan of House M.D. for quite a long time until I got tired with all their dramas overpowering my real interest. Anyways, the moment I learned that Jdrama world has this awesome medical drama, I jumped in and see if it's true.

Code Blue, apparently the title speaks of itself. Emergencies, critical situations, and life saving tasks..hmm..I already got high expectation with this drama.

code blue poster

Code Blue is about the story of 4 medical interns who are aspiring to be flight doctors with the infamous Doctor Heli—an medical transporter that gets to the site of the incident fast. We have Aisawa—hard working, cold, and passionate intern who has this great desire to be ahead of others. Next is Shiraishi, play-safe gal, hesitates often and academically intelligent intern.  Then, Hiyama, bold and  a competitive intern. Finally, Fujikawa, considered to be the weakest when it comes to skill and knowledge but he seems to have a positive attitude.They are joined by highly efficient hospital seniors who guided them along the way. They Dr.Kuroda, a very strict and highly-skilled flight doctor; Dr. Mitsui, a supportive and approachable senior, Dr. Morimoto, he has the most humor and of course, the Director of at the Medical Center who acted like an advocate to the interns.

There were no obvious love lines in this drama but for some reason I feel that Aisawa has something for Shiraishi; and nurse Saejima has something for Aisawa and Fujikawa (?). Nonetheless, the absence of the love lines made the story focused with the medical situations and struggles of the interns more—which I think is sensible enough because this is primarily a medical drama.

For someone who wants to learn, I think this show is worth watching. The cases weren’t as mysterious as those with House M.D. but you can definitely learn valuable things especially about emergency care and management. So much for the embarrassment but this drama motivated me to read and learn again. From then, I was able to relate with what they are talking about. I wish I can get hold of the habit…forever.

I enjoyed the first season and I’m off to watch the second. I read good reviews about it and I’m excited to learn more. My only wish is that, they will make another season. I’m starting to feel down knowing that this would be the last time I’ll see those interns.


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