Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Koizora “Sky of Love” 2007

I watched this film because I miss Zenkai Girl. Boy, I miss some Pillbug and Evil woman chemistry.  My bad there isn’t Ryo and Gakki past movie (?). I wish they'll make one like Zenkai Girl the movie?! That’s just my suggestion. Too much for the wining—I ended up re-watching Koizora “Sky of Love” to see at least Gakky in action.

Koizora Sky of Love Poster
Koizon "Sky of Love" with Gakki and Haruma
The film is about 2 senior high students who went through a tragic fate of love. There is this girl named Mika- a pretty and timid girl and Hiro- a typical gangsta type boy in high school. It started when Mika (Gakky) lost her phone and Hiro (Haruma) found it. From  then on, Hiro  started calling Mika everyday during their summer vacation to know more of Mika.

When the school started they met up and Mika was disappointed to see a guy with bleach hair and piercing. Nonetheless, fate made them closer and apparently became lovers. Mika got pregnant but she lost it courtesy of Saki— Hiro’s ex. Despite the tragic incidence they made a promise that they’ll get to visit  their unborn kid every 24th of December.

Unfortunately, right after the incident Hiro turned cold and he dodges Mika’s phone calls. He broke up with her without giving a good explanation until they graduated from high school. Without knowing that Hiro is suffering from cancer, Mika tried hard to move on. I guess first love is really hard to forget so it took time before Mika started meeting other guys again.

Years had passed and the only thing that makes the ex-lovers connected was their unborn kid. Mika visited her baby and accidentally bump with Hiro’s friend. He was the one who disclosed Hiro’s condition to Mika. Mika went to the hospital just to find Hiro in a very debilitating condition. They both cried hard and confessed their feelings they had through the years.

They were only given short period to catch up since Hiro’s condition was at peak. In the end Hiro died of cancer and Mika was left with both painful and great memories with her loved one.

While he’s still alive, Hiro wished that he wants to be the sky when he dies. Mika tries to remember him that way, as the blue sky above always looking after her.

I cried my heart out when I watched this film the first time. It’s terribly sad when two lovers are separated by death. I mean you can’t do anything about it. Damn cancer for killing a lot of people.

Haruma as Hiro l Koizora Sky of Love
PS. Isn’t he HOT?!


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