Thursday, 29 September 2011

Code Blue Season 2: The end of the internship

[09/13/11 12:54 am] I’m literally watching the first episode of Code Blue Season 2 and I must say, they are making things more exciting and level up big time. The scene with the open cardiac massage while the kid was on the tub was sO rawr! I can’t describe it. Need sometime to breath and think.

code blue season 2

The medical suspense continues with Code Blue Season 2. It’s been over a year and 3 months since our four interns started their trainings as flight doctors. Two months more and they are going to graduate from the program. Now here’s the catch, who’s going to last and be the official flight doctors?

In this season they kept the original crew and characters except from Dr. Kuroda (but he’ll come back and will have some short appearance on few last episodes) who was replaced by  Dr. Tachibana. He is a former intern from Shohoku Medical Center and is the ex-husband of Dr. Mitsui. He was assigned by the Hospital Director to evaluate the interns’ performance to know who are qualified to flight doctors. In short, he’s the one to impress.

Like the first season, there was no establish love line though I really thought Gakki and Yamapi will make it after the drunk scene. Those doctors are terribly focus on their career. Well, at least the absence of complicated love affairs brought justice to the main theme of the drama which is lifesaving. This reminds me a little of Dream High.

I think this season is better than the last one. Aside from tackling serious medical conditions, they also reached most of the sensitive ethical issues that involves in the field. Not to mention, digging deeper on every doctors’ personal lives.

I think there were no episode in this season that stopped me from shedding my precious tears. Death and one person’s battle with it is a theme that makes one heart feel terribly sad. I can only hope that they won’t stop with season 2. Funny how I hurriedly Google Code Blue Season 3 as soon as I watched the last few seconds of the last episode of season 2. For some reason, I feel the high possibility of making a new season since all four doctors are still in Shohoku Hospital.

I can only hope for the best.


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