Monday, 31 December 2012

Girl by Girl (Sonyeo x Sonyeo)

I wanted to start by greeting everybody a HAPPY new year! Great day isn't it?! Hope everyone is having a blast!

I want to write about this light-school-friendship theme film titled Girl by Girl. Sounds like a lesbian movie but don't be too judgmental, it isn't. Guess what I was searching on an early new year morning, HAHA.

The movie is about two opposite high school girls who fell for the same guy. A simple story that will put as back a decade ago when things that matter are only friends, guys and school. I guess most of us treasure that period of time where we start to learn both stupid and significant stuffs which help us become who we are today. 

Enough of the cheesy lines, so the film features two common characters you see at school- the nerd and the  troublemaker The unforeseen friendship started when Se-ri the troublemaker got jealous with Yu-mi, the smart one, when she approached Ki-Chan, the guy they like, to give him a can of tea as a token of thanks for saving her from the rude girls at an internet cafe. After seeing Ki-Chan smiled over the can  of tea, Se-ri wanted to get rid of Yun-mi but there was a change of heart and instead she planned to change Yu-mi and turn her to a bad girl so Ki-Chan will be turned off. 

I admire how the characters are played. Each of the characters are interesting and well played. Even the extras did a good job. I personally want to commend the girl who beat Yu-mi from being number one. Her laugh is crazy and I do think she is really crazy, HAHA. 

It's a goody goody movie that will make  you think of high school and your youth. A nice movie to watch with your old high school friends. 


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